Channels are the foundation for driving your content straight to your viewers. In the past, "Channels" was only built for Set-Top Box integrations such as Apple TV and Roku. We've since expanded and added more options. 

Channels are a container for a series of other containers. Let's break it down:

  • Video - The lowest level, but most important: this is the actual content that your viewer will eventually find themselves watching. Imagine this as an episode of your favorite television show.
  • Playlist - These hold your videos to help better organize your content into a specific structure. This is like a season of your favorite television show.
  • Category - The container for all your playlists. This would be like the entire television show, with other shows also being their own categories.
  • Channel - This is the way you will distribute all of your content. A channel would be like a television network that contains all the shows inside it.

Here's a list of everything you can do with Stream Monkey's Channels:

  • Media Center - This is a stand-alone video portal. Simply link from your website to our media center to create one place for your viewers to view all your content.
  • Embeddable Player - Embed the media center in your own site if you want to match the experience your viewers are used to while managing the content in our platform.
  • Roku Channel - Handle your workflow while we produce a Roku Direct Publisher feed that you can easily implement yourself into Roku's channel store.
  • Apple TV App - We'll build you a custom app while you manage the workflow inside our platform.
  • Fire TV - We'll craft a custom Amazon Fire TV app for you to manage the workflow inside our platform.
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