Note: This feature is included for Premium users, and available as an add-on on for Pro and Pro+ users.

Geo Blocking allows you to restrict or allow viewers in specific locations around the world. To get started, click on the Add Your First Policy Button.

You will name the policy and add a description. This is information that only you will be able to see. Then you will choose “Block” or “Allow” from the menu on the right side of the page, then select your criteria. You can choose to block/allow by Country, State, City, or IP address. If you choose a country or state, you will select which one you want from the drop down menu. If you choose a city or IP address, you’ll type in the information. You can also upload an image to display. That image is what will be displayed if someone tries to view your player from a location that is restricted. You could upload a graphic that says something like, “This stream is not allowed to be viewed from this location.”

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