This section will show all of your current analytics for streams that are Live. At the top of the page, you can select to view the stats for all of your streams combined, or each stream individually. You can also choose to see the live stats, or information from a date range in the past. This page refreshes often, so the information you are seeing will be accurate minute by minute.

At the bottom of the graph, you will see the key to what each color means. By clicking on the color box, you can choose to hide or show different values. The Viewers will show the number of viewers at any given time. Average Bitrate tells you what bitrate the viewer is watching. Average Rebuffer % is the percentage of the stream that the viewers experienced buffering. You want this number to be as low as possible. Average Time Watched (minutes) will tell you how long each viewer watched on average.

By hovering over the graph, you can get even more detailed information for a specific date.

Below the graph, you will see more boxes with details such as how many viewers you have had in the date range chosen, which videos they watched and for how long they watched them, how many viewers you have from each country, city and state.

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