This section will show all of your current analytics for all of your On Demand videos. At the top of the page, you can select to view the stats for all of your videos combined, or each video individually. You can select to see the Daily, Weekly or Monthly trends, and you can also choose what date range you would like to view. This page refreshes often, so the information you are seeing will be accurate minute by minute.

At the bottom of the graph, each color represents a different video in your On Demand. By clicking on the colored box, you can choose to hide or show different values. By hovering over the graph, you can get even more detailed information for a specific date.

Underneath the graph, you will see another section that divides each video’s stats out individually in a list form. You will see the name of the video, when it was uploaded, how many plays it has had for the date range selected, and what percentage of the video was played.

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