Each live stream has its own unique embed code and m3u8. On Demand videos and playlists will have their own embed codes as well.

To find your embed code, click the Embed button on your stream. 

You have a few different options in this window. Here's what they are used for: 

Responsive Website Embed Code: This is the code you will use to put the stream into your website. It will use our player, which means that any settings you have applied to the stream (like an offline video or image) will apply anywhere you use this code. You will also gather analytics from anywhere this code is used. It is adapted for use on desktop or mobile in a browser window. 

Direct Player Link: This is a link that you can copy and paste into any browser window and it will load a page with just the player. This link is primarily used for testing, and allows you to see what your video will look like when viewed in different browsers. 

M3U8 link: This is primarily used for apps and set top box devices. Depending on where you use it, it may not pull analytics, and it will not apply any stream settings, since it does not use our player. Any streams viewed through the m3u8 link will still count towards your usage. 


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