First, you will log into your Dashboard, and click on Live Streams.
Next, click on the Add Stream button at the top right. Then you will enter in a unique stream name and password, and hit "Add Stream".

It will give you a message that your stream is provisioning. It takes approximately two hours to provision, and then your stream will be ready to go!

In the main Live Streams page, you’ll see a few buttons to the right of each of your streams.
The Embed button is where you'll find your unique responsive embed code and a direct link to your player.
Under the details, you’ll find your username and password, Stream URL, and other settings for your stream.
The options button gives you the choice to Edit or Remove a stream. Please know that if you choose to remove a stream, it is gone and cannot be retrieved. This is also where you can find your streams m3u8. 

The preview button allows you to view your stream inside the dashboard. This gives you a chance to make sure that your stream is reaching our servers properly and that everything looks and sounds correctly. If something seems amiss, feel free to reach out to our support team.

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