Here are a few things that you can check quickly in the moment, if your YouTube stream isn't showing up in your YouTube account properly.

Is your stream making it to Stream Monkey?

Go to the Live Monitor tab, and select your stream from the drop down. Is your stream showing up in the Preview window? If not, then your issue is that your stream is not making it to Stream Monkey. Reach out to a member of our support team, or check out this article for troubleshooting tips.

Is your YouTube stream key correct?

Go to your YouTube output in the live monitor, and click on the ... menu out to the right. Choose "Edit," and your stream details will appear in the slide out window. Check the "Destination Stream Name" and make sure it matches the stream key/name in your YouTube account. If it does not match, then the stream is going to the wrong place. Delete or edit this output to the correct stream name.

Check your rtmp address.

Most YouTube accounts have an rtmp address that looks like this:

We have auto filled your YouTube Output to reflect the address. We have had reports that some streams look like this instead:

Please check to see if your rtmp address has an "x" instead of an "a." If it does, you'll want to update the RTMP Host field with an x. It will look like this:

Delete and try again.

If all else fails, sometimes it helps to delete your output entirely and start a new one. You can follow our help guide for instructions on how to set up a new output.

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