Note: This service is for live transcoding streams only. You can check to see if your stream is a transcoder stream by going to Media, finding your live stream, and checking to see if it has the word "transcoder" next to it. If you'd like to add this service to your account, please contact us.

Setting up your live stream to go to YouTube Live is easier than ever. Start by going to your live stream monitor in your Stream Monkey account, select your stream, and click on the Outputs tab. Click on the Create button, and select YouTube Live from the drop down menu.

A window will slide out from the right side of the screen asking you to log into your YouTube account, and give Stream Monkey permission to post on your behalf. This just allows you to send your stream from Stream Monkey to your YouTube account.

After that, it will ask you what channel you'd like to post to, whether you'd like the stream Public or Private, and add a description.

Hit create, and the stream will appear in your outputs.

Check to make sure the toggle says "Active" if you would like your stream to go to YouTube, and it will tell you that the account is Online once it's sending to YouTube (you must be sending a signal to your Stream Monkey stream for this to happen). If you'd rather not stream to YouTube, you can click the toggle off, and it won't stream to YouTube. The goal here is to use the same output over and over again, to create minimal work for yourself.

If you'd like, you can check to make sure your stream is getting to YouTube by viewing your stream on their back end by going to their "Go Live" button, and then clicking on the "Manage" tab:

Again, this is just for your information if you're interested. You do not have to click anything in YouTube for your stream to send from Stream Monkey to YouTube.

Be sure to let us know if you have any questions, and have a great day!

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