Note: This feature is included for Premium users, and available as an add-on on for Pro and Pro+ users as a part of the security package.

When the password feature is implemented on your stream, your viewer will be required to enter in a username and password, or a password only before they are able to see the stream. In order to add a password, go to the item that you would like to add the policy to, and click on the Security Tab inside the edit screen. Scroll down to Passwords, and hit the Manage button.

Select the option to Create Access Credential. You can name this credential (this will be something that only you can see). Then you have the option of adding a username and password, or just a password. This is what your viewer will have to type in before they are allowed to access your stream. When you are finished, hit Create.

From now on, anytime you would like to add this password credential onto a stream, you'll click on the drop down and select it. You can also add multiple credentials to your stream. A viewer could enter any password you have applied to view the stream.

Passwords are reusable, so once you create this one, any time you go to the Security tab, it will show up as an option to apply to that particular piece of media. They also can be removed or edited.

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