When streaming to Facebook Live through our transcoder, you might experience an error that the Facebook Live SDK has an unsupported GET request. We could explain all the technical details of that, but instead, we'll focus on why this is happening and how to fix it.

Why it happens

Your video has been flagged by Facebook's system as having music, audio, or a video clip that belongs to someone else. To fix this, you simply need to take an action step to allow Stream Monkey's platform to have access to your videos again after your video has been flagged.

How to fix it

You should have received an email from Facebook stating there was content that belonged to someone else. Note: This notification will only go to the user who was logged in when the video was posted.

Use this email or the notifications center in your Facebook account to POST (not delete) the video. Even if you have formerly clicked to delete the video, you can go back and click to POST the video to correct this so we can interact with your videos again. You can delete it from your timeline after this step is complete.

Once you have taken this action step, you will be able to use the Facebook Live dialogue inside our platform again.

If you cannot find the notification from Facebook, please contact us.

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