Our normal way of identifying "views" is simply every time someone logs into your stream, it counts as a view. That means if someone logs out, then logs back in, it will count them twice.

Unique viewers attempts to count how many different viewers have watched your stream. It uses cookies, so it tracks devices more than anything. If someone logs in from their computer, then logs out and back on, it will only count them once. If they log in at home, then take their computer to the coffee shop and log in again, it will only count them once. However, if they watch on their computer, then log in on their phone, it will count them as two unique viewers. It will also count them twice if they were to clear their cookies in between.

If you were viewing a report over the course of a month, and that person watched every week from the same device, then it would only count them as one view. Hope this helps clear up any confusion! If you have more questions, please reach out to us directly.

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