Our Advanced Analytics package is a service provided by our CDN, Akamai. This report pack generates live, simultaneous reporting and archived statistics of your viewership.

The simultaneous reporting, called QoS Monitoring, will provide over 15 standard reports. The archived statistics, called Audience Analytics, have over 20 standards reports and the ability to create custom reports. You can compile reports into Dashboards for quick viewing, simple recurring emails, and downloadable PDFs of CSVs.

The ability to arrange, filter, and produce the statistics you need is almost limitless. This reporting is invaluable to any communications, broadcast, house of worship, and content producing organization. We will gladly train and inform on the best practices to be used.

Here are some examples of what the reporting looks like:

If you are interested in adding this package on to your plan, please contact us and we’d love to get you set up.

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