To view analytics for your on demand videos, navigate to Analytics in the menu on the left, then click on On Demand.

The default is set to see all of your On Demand videos at once. If you're interested in seeing only one video at a time, you can select the video at the top, instead of "all on demand streams." You can also select a certain time period.

To the top right, there are controls that will let you zoom in and out of certain areas of the graph. The first two icons are zoom in/out controls. If you click on the magnifying lens, it will allow you to select a certain area to zoom in. To get out of the magnifying tool, you will use the hand tool, so you can scroll right and left. The home symbol will take you back to the original view. If you click on the far right menu icon, you can choose to download the graph in an image file.

Under your graph, you can see a list of your on demand videos that have views, and a little more detailed information such as how many times it's been played, and what percentage of the video was watched, on average.

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