Welcome! In this tutorial we’ll teach you how to set up your mobile device as an encoder so that you can send your live stream to Stream Monkey.

1. Go to your mobile device app store and search for Wowza GoCoder. Download and install.

2. When you open the app, you’ll notice some options at the top right to select. Click the circular logo with a W on the left of those two options.

3. Select the Wowza Streaming Engine option in the middle of this page.

Next, select Host, the first option.

4. Go back to your Stream Monkey account and click Encoder for your transcoder stream. Click the Address to copy the RTMP address displayed. This can be found in the Live Monitor section.

5. Go back to the mobile app and paste the address into the field under Server. Erase the information in front and behind the address so that it only includes the information shown here. Then enter the port number 1935. Click Done.

6. Select Application and enter the part of your RTMP address that appears after 1935/. Remember, you can see this information in your Stream Monkey account. It would look like this: rtmp://trans1.streammonkey.com:1935/abc123

Then copy your stream name from your Stream Monkey account and paste it under Stream Name in the mobile app. Click Done.

7. After going back out to the main screen on the Mobile App, select the right button from top right corner options. It looks like little fader sliders. These are the Options.

8. Select Video Size and enter the proper resolution for the transcoder plan that you have. After that, click Video Settings.

9. Enter 30 for the Framerate and 60 for the Keyframe interval. Click Done.

10. Finally, select the quality button on the bottom left of the main screen on the mobile app. Select 2500 Kbps for 720p streaming, and 3750 or 5000 for 1080p streaming.

You’re now ready to start streaming from your mobile device Click the red circle 🔴on the bottom right to go live.

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