Stream Monkey makes it easy to create podcasts by using files you have already uploaded.

Start by creating a channel. Then you will go to the Destinations tab, and find the RSS feed. Click on the ... to the right of that section, and choose settings. This area will allow you to customize your podcast feed.

You can then choose different categories that apply to your podcast. You can put in your company's website, and then the Author and Owner. The owner is typically the company name, the author is more who creates it. For example, the owner may be your organization's name, while the author may be the speaker or host's name.

When you are done, there is no need to hit save, it will auto save for you.

If you go back to the ... menu, you will select edit, and you can find the RSS Feed. This is the link that you will provide for whomever is hosting your podcast.

Be sure to register your Podcast through Apple if you would like it to show up in the iTunes store. This page has the link to tell you how to do that:

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