Stream Monkey's Vimeo integration is designed to allow you to send your video to Vimeo with one click of a button. No more logging into multiple platforms or uploading videos more than once!

To get started, you'll need to link your account to Vimeo. Click on the Account section in the menu on the left side of your screen in your Stream Monkey account.

Click on the Integrations tab, then find Vimeo and click on Connect to Vimeo.

A screen will pop up, asking you to log into your Vimeo account.

After you log in, you'll need to hit Allow. This will allow us to "post" to Vimeo for you. This just means that anytime you click on a button in our platform to send a video to Vimeo, they will allow us to send it for you. We won't ever post anything unless you tell us to.

You're now connected!

To post to Vimeo, you'll need to go to the Media section of the platform, where all of your videos are stored. (If you haven't uploaded or saved your file yet, now's the time!)

Find the video that you'd like to send, and click on the ... button to the right, then click on edit.

Make sure you're on the About tab, and scroll to the bottom to see the button that says Upload to Vimeo. Click that button, and you're done! The video is being sent to Vimeo for you.

A note on trimming/editing videos: If you want to trim a video with in and out points, you'll need to do so when you originally save or upload a video. This will allow your trim edit to carry over to your integrations. If you trim in the Media Details (edit) screen, then those trims will only carry over to places where your viewer sees the video in our player, and will not apply to your Vimeo or YouTube videos, set top box channels, or apps.

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