Streaming to Facebook Live with simulated live works the same way it would if you were sending your own live stream from your encoder. However, because we are sending the live stream from our servers, you might be wondering when to create your Facebook Live stream output in our platform. The simplest workflow is to go in soon (within 24 hours) before your simulated live is scheduled to fire, and create it then.

Choose the option to go live "Automatically when the stream starts."

After you save your output, it will show up in your outputs with the toggle listed as "Active." Don't worry, your stream won't actually fire until your simulated live does. Once the video starts sending from our servers, this output will fire won't have to do a thing. It will also stop as soon as your live stream ends.

You will need to do this in between any events you have scheduled. For example, if you have an event at 10am and 12pm, you will want to create the Facebook stream by 10am, then go in again after the 10am is over, but before the 12pm begins, and set up another one. You'll do this because any streams that are in your account when that event fires will all go live at the same time. You don't want 4 outputs all of a sudden streaming to the same location.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

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