The simulated live feature can be found in a tab under your transcoder stream in the Live Monitor. If you are a Pro user, then it will be under a separate stream, usually named Simlive.

First, you will upload or save your pre-recorded file to your account.
Then you will go to the Live Monitor and select your transcoder or dedicated simulated live stream from the drop down at the top of the page.

Scroll down to the tab that says "Simulated Live," then click on the "Create" button and select "Single Event."

Double check to make sure that your timezone is correct, and then select the file that you uploaded from the drop down list. If your file does not show up in the list, then it is not finished uploading, or the upload was not successful, so you'll want to go back to the Media section and check on that.

When you are finished, hit Create at the bottom of the page.
Your event will show up as scheduled in the simulated live window.

If you need to delete your event, simply check the box and go to the Actions button, and it will let you delete it.

Once the event has started, there is no way to stop it, unless you were to schedule a new file or stream to the stream from your encoder. Any new streams will interrupt the one currently playing.

We are working on adding a stop button in a future release.

You can schedule multiple events to play by using the single event scheduler. If you have many events to schedule in one week and do not want to schedule them individually, you can upload an XML file with your schedule.

Be sure and read over our Simulated Live support section for extra tips!

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