You can upload video files into the platform to be used for things like simlive streaming, on demand, or podcasts.

We recommend using these settings when exporting your files for upload. If you do upload a file that is larger than these settings, we'll re-encode it for you to make it easier for playback.

The quickest way to upload a video is to choose Upload Video from the quick action + button in the menu on the left of your screen.

Next, you can create a title, and then select the file to upload from your computer. There are a lot of options for customizing your player, adding an offline image, closed captioning and security settings. When you choose your file, you can choose to trim it as well. Many of these settings can also be edited later. When you're finished, hit Create.

Your video will show up under the Media section of your account. It will show as processing for a time, depending on how large the file is. That's because we are also transcoding your file into multiple bitrates for you. Once your upload is complete, you can click the ... to the right of the screen and choose to edit, share, download or delete your on demand file.

Also, under the edit button you'll now see a tab that says Sharing. This is where you will find your video embed code.

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