Note: This feature is only included as a part of our Live Transcoding packages. Live transcoding is included in all Pro+ and Premium plans.

Every time you start and then stop your transcoder stream, your content will be automatically recorded in a temporary holding area called Recordings in your Dashboard. They can also be found under your stream in the Live Monitor.

These files will stay in this area for 10 days before they expire. Each file shows how many days are left until the expiration date.

If the content is something you would like to save permanently, all you need to do is click on the ... button to the right, and hit Save Recording. You can set in and out points, and also name the file in this screen. When you're finished, hit Save.

The file will show up in the Media section of your account. It will show as processing for a time, depending on how large the file is. That's because we are also transcoding your file into multiple bitrates for you. Once your upload is complete, you can click the ... to the right of the screen and choose to edit, share, download or delete your file.

That's all there is to it!

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