All of Stream Monkey's live streams and on demand videos support closed captioning. We do not support closed captioning for simulated live at this time. There is no additional charge from Stream Monkey to use closed captions.


Live closed captions must be embedded into the stream itself before it is sent to Stream Monkey.

You can use a closed caption embedder that embeds In-stream (embedded) CEA-608 captions (Line 21 captioning), the format used by traditional broadcast TV.

If you are interested in using a service for your closed captioning, you have two choices. There is:

  1. Conventional captioning with a live captioner, meaning a real person is there translating the stream in the moment.

  2. Automated captioning, where the captions are created by a program or computer.

Either of these can be done through the cloud with a service called Falcon from EEG Cloud; with the automated version, you’d also need Lexi Live service. You send your stream to them, they caption it, then pass it along to our platform, as if it’s from you. Our player will detect the captions and show a button in the player where the viewer can choose to enable them.

On Demand

Closed captions for on demand videos can be accomplished by uploading a .vtt file with your video. To do this, go to your video in the Stream Monkey platform, and hit edit. You will see a place to upload your file under the About tab.

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