Live Monitor
The Live Monitor is the section of the platform that allows you to monitor all of your live streams, included Simulated Live. You'll see a drop down menu at the top of the page where you can select which stream you want to view. Any streams that have a transcoder on them will have the Transcoder tag next to them.

There is a preview window that allows you to view your live stream. When you're streaming to a transcoder stream, you'll see extra stats to the right, such as how many active viewers you have, and some of your stream settings.

If you click on the Edit button at the top right of the screen, you can make changes to your live stream and the player, find your encoder details, add offline videos and images, and more.

Underneath the preview window is a series of tabs. Above those tabs are "Create" and "Actions" buttons that will allow you different options, depending on which tab you are in. The Recordings tab will have any recordings from the last 10 days that need to be saved.

Under Outputs, you can control extra outputs from the transcoder, like Facebook Live and YouTube Live. Notice that we've added toggle switches to them, so they can easily be made Active or not, depending on whether you'd like to stream to them or not.

The Viewers tab allows you to see who is watching right now from around the world.

The Encoder tab will give you your encoder information such as your stream name and address.

Under the Sharing tab, you can find your embed codes and direct player link.

If you have a stream that is not connected to the transcoder, you'll have access to a simplified version of the Live Monitor. You can still track viewers in real time, preview your stream, and have access to all of your embed codes, but there is no output or recordings option.

You can schedule your events in the Simulated Live tab below the player. Simulated live is now automatically included with any transcoder stream.

We hope you enjoy all the new features! Click here for the next step in the walkthrough...the Media section!

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