The Media section of the platform is where you can find all of your live streams and on demand content. If you are familiar with our old platform, we've combined the File Manager, Live Streams, and all of your on demand content in one place! Everything is separated out into live streams, on demand videos, and folders. Each type is displayed with a different icon next to it, so you can tell what everything is at a glance.

You can organize all of your content in a similar way to storing files on your computer. You can stack any media inside of a folder, and folders inside of folders, or you can skip the folders altogether.

Each folder, video, and live stream has its own embed code, so you can also use your organization here to manage your content on your website as well. If you embed a folder on your website, it will show up like a playlist with all of the videos you've placed in that folder. Just keep in mind that you cannot embed a folder with both a live stream and an on demand video in it.

We've installed a few features to help you find your content quickly. There is a filter button at the top right of your screen, that allows you to narrow your view down to one type of media.

You can use the magnifying lens, also at the top right of your screen, to search for specific file names, or you can organize your content by Title or the date updated or created. Just click on the A/Z or 1/9 buttons to reorganize your files this way.

If you click on the ... button to the right of a file, it will give you options to edit, share, download, or delete your files.

Under the edit button, you can view a preview of your video, edit the title, trim, update player controls, add security settings or ad integration, and much more.

If you click on the ... button for a live stream, you can edit your stream, find your embed codes, clear out a DVR, and delete the stream.

As you can see, there are lots of things you can do to manage your content inside the Media section. Now let's check out what you can do with it once it's all neat and tidy. Click here to check out the Channels section!

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