The Channels section of your account is where you will organize your content so you can send it out in the world! You can organize all of your media (live streams, on demand videos, and playlists) and send it to multiple destinations.

Your destination choices are: Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, mobile apps (coming soon!), podcasts, and the Media Center, which can be embedded onto your website.

You can create one channel and send that content everywhere, or you can create multiple channels with different content going to different places.

Start by creating your first channel. You can name it, add a description, and an image. Any channels you've made in the old platform will have transferred over, and any podcasts you had will have been turned into a channel also. Next, you'll start adding content from your Media section in the Media tab. At the top of the page, you'll see a place for Featured Content. This can be a live stream or on demand media; anything that you want at the top of the page so your viewers will see it first.

Next to that is a place to put your Live Stream. Below those two spots, you can add other media. Most people like to create folders that house different groupings of videos, like a playlist. By clearly labeling and adding images to these folders, your viewers will be able to navigate your content quickly and efficiently.

You can import already made folders from the media center, and all of the videos in that folder will import as well. If you edit those folders at a later time inside the Media section, they will update your channels as well.

The next tab is for Ads insertion. If you'd like to incorporate ads in your channel, we recommend you check out our help file on how to do so here.

Under the Destinations tab, you can choose where you would like your content to go.

The mobile apps are a feature that is coming soon, as you can see. If you are interested in Apple TV, Fire TV, or Roku set top box apps, we can build those for you! Reach out to a team member about pricing (note: if you are on an annual payment Premium plan, these are FREE). You also have the option to create your own Roku channel through their Direct Publisher, and can send your content from here that way.

The RSS feeds are for podcasts, which you can learn how to set up here. The Media Center is a fantastic tool to keep your website content organized and easily updated. We provide a direct link to the media center, which means if you do not have a website you can send this link to your viewers instead. We also provide an embed code to put the Media Center on your own website.

The greatest advantage to the Media Center is that it simplifies your embedding process. You can embed the Media Center on your website one time, then any time you need to add a new video to your website, or switch out live streams, you can just update your channel, and those changes will automatically apply on your website. No more embedding on demand videos one at a time!

I hope you enjoy all the advantages the Channels feature has to offer. If you have any questions, you can check out more help files here, or reach out to one of our team.

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