Welcome to Stream Monkey's new platform! I'd like to give you an overview of some of the new features, and show you where everything is located.

The first screen that loads when you log in is the dashboard. Here you'll find any auto saved files that are about to expire, and a glance at your analytics.

To the top left of the screen above the menu options, you'll see some new buttons.

Under the plus sign button, there are three shortcut options: You can create a new live stream, upload a video, or add a channel. Keep in mind that unless you need a new embed code or a new output, you won't need to create a new live stream or channel very often, but you may be using the upload video option a lot.

The button with the arrow will allow you to log out of your account.

We've also added a section where you can see all of your usage at a glance. Bandwidth, transcoder hours, and file storage can all be easily tracked here.

Click here for the next step in the walkthrough...the Live Monitor!

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