What is most important for me to know?

  • First and foremost…your existing data in your account is safe. We've done months of beta testing and have already successfully moved over several accounts, full of data, to the new platform without any problems or distress calls to Mission Control.

  • Second, to ensure that we are bringing the highest level of support and continuity to all our customers, everyone will be switching to the new platform as we phase out the old. That means your switch to the new platform is a permanent one. But, trust us…once you experience the luxury of the new platform, switching back won't even cross your mind. And, of course, we are here for you, seven days a week, to partner with you every step of the way.

Will this affect my viewers?

  • All of our new updates will only affect the Stream Monkey platform, where you go to edit and manage your content. Your viewers will not notice a thing.

  • Your embed codes, podcast feeds, etc. will all still work.

What should I check out first?

  • We have a collection of walkthroughs on our support page to show you where everything is.

  • The Live Monitor is the best place to start if you have a transcoder stream. You can control your own Facebook and YouTube outputs, watch your stats and analytics in real time, save recordings from your live streams, and much more.

  • Media now covers all of the on demand content, as well as live streams. You can put things in folders, or leave them standing alone. You can make copies of videos and put them in two different folders. There’s a lot of freedom in here, and we encourage you to go wild (though remember, it’s all live).

  • The Analytics look cooler, but still pull the same content, so that part should look familiar. All of the data being tracked is the same, with the same parameters, so your reports will stay consistent. For Premium users, we've also added downloadable CSV files in the Views section!

  • The Channels feature has had some major updates. Now, when you’d like to add content for anything from a set top box channel to a podcast to a media player page, you’ll come here and you can organize your content easily.

Have you written any support docs for me?

  • We sure have! We’ve updated our entire support section to reflect the changes to the new platform. You can access it on the menu in the platform under Support. We’ve tried to cover anything we can think of that might be confusing, but we would love to add to this collection, so please let us know if you feel like more documentation on a certain subject would help.

Will this affect my billing plan?

  • Nope! All of our plans are exactly the same with the same features included. We've just made it all easier to manage.

How do I give feedback?

  • Please submit any and all feedback through our chat feature, which can be found in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. If we're not around, you can leave a detailed message for us, and we'll definitely see it. If your feedback pertains to a bug you've found, we'll follow up with you once it's fixed. If there's something you are particularly excited about, we love to hear feedback about that as well!

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