When you have us build you a set top box (Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV), there is an approval process that the companies that make the boxes require you to go through before your channel can be completed. In order to make sure your channel is approved, we recommend filling your channel with content before this approval process begins. You can get started with this as we are building your channel for you. 

Live Streams: Live streams are great to have, and you're allowed to add as many as you like to your channel. The only downside is when you're not streaming, unfortunately they show up as having no content. Because of this, we recommend that, at least during the approval process, you don't rely on live streams alone. 

On Demand Content: On demand videos and playlists are huge assets when you're setting up your set top box channel. Imagine going to an app on your TV and only being able to see what that channel is currently streaming. If you're not streaming at all, they have wasted a trip even opening the app. Most people would rather have the option to see pre-recorded content and watch at their convenience. It also makes your channel look fuller, and more appealing. Here are the steps on how you can go about setting that up:

  1. Upload a video into the File Manager.
  2. Create an on demand video from that file.
  3. Put your on demand video into a playlist.
  4. Put your playlist(s) into a category
  5. Put your category and into a channel
  6. Add your live stream(s) into your channel. 

You're all set! This process gets easier after the first time, because you can add multiple videos to one playlist, so after you create your first playlist, you can easily drop your videos into it in the on demand page. You can also get more information about channels and how they are organized here. 

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