Note: This is a work around if you cannot find which video has been flagged for copyright material. If you know which video has been flagged, this method should be used instead. 

Step One:

Please contact us and ask us to turn a switch on in your account for this to work. 

Step Two:

Log into your Facebook account and go to the page you're managing.
Go to Publishing Tools (at the top of the page, in the menu), then go to Videos (menu on the left).

Step Three:

Next, you'll need to hit the +Live button at the top right corner of the page. You do not actually have to stream. Just loading this page (making sure it shows a stream key) and then hitting x on the top right corner will be enough. Repeat this process 3 times.

Step Four:

Go back to your Stream Monkey account, refresh the page, and click on the Facebook Live button. The error should be gone, and it will allow you to connect. 

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