To create a Playlist, simply navigate to Playlists located under On Demand in the left navigation. At the top right, you will click on 'Add Playlist'.

Give the Playlist a name and add a custom image on the right. You can also change the look of your player.  

Premium users have the same extra options as they do for On Demand.

Under Videos you can add which videos you would like to be included in your playlist. These videos are populated from your list of On Demand videos. If you hit the plus sign on the right of the video, it will move it over to the playlist. You can also use the add all button and move them all at once. When you are done, just hit the blue checkmark, and it will be saved.

Back in the Playlist menu, you can see the playlist here and the videos that you’ve added. If you click the embed button, you can see the embed code and a direct link to the player.

Under options, you can choose to edit or remove. If you hit preview, you can preview the playlist and make sure everything is set up and working properly.

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